Well, what is there to say.

I have been playing computer games since I was 8, started with consoles.
I got my first PC when I was 14, and my first game was Command and Conquer by Westwood Studios, amazing game with a great story. I completed the game many times, because it had a progression choice meaning every playthrough was different, and of the two groups you could pick (GDI/NOD) there were multiple endings, Nice.

The PC was a Intel Pentium 133mhz with 64MB RAM, and a 1.2GB HDD, I upgraded it to and AMD K6-2 500mhz, 512MB RAM, and 4GB HDD, loved doing the upgrade and the PC bug had me.
Since then I have never purchased a computer, always building/upgrading. I also never went back to Intel CPUs (Although that’s for a personal reason, let’s just say I had a minor falling out with Intel)


I went to college to get a degree in computers, so I could start working in businesses building, supporting, and upgrading PCs. But one of the courses was Visual Basic 6 programming, and after one lesson I was hooked.
For our final piece we had to make a game, I made a “Who wants to be a millionaire” game, with all the questions being as hard as the 1 million pound question, there were 10 possible questions for each round so no remembering them for you next playthough, all the lifelines (50/50, phone friend, and ask audience) were there and just to be a little evil, the Phone a friend and Ask the audience, get it wrong 25% of the time 😈
Everyone in the class tried the game (Teachers included) and nobody won the game, well one person did, after 50 tries.

So yeah, I passed that course 😀


I started working for a farm doing their IT systems, you know, PC support.
Expanded my role to include full control of the 3 servers in the first year and after 5 years we had 13 servers, but also in that first year, my boss was programming applications in VBA (MS Access).
I convinced him to let me build something in VB6, then later VB.NET. I ended up teaching him VB.NET.

We then together built a full ERP system, including Stock Intake, Stock movements, Production, Sales, Despatch, traceability, and reporting. This replaced a system the company had purchased just 5 years before.

At this point the company was bought out and my roles were basically gone, servers at the head office, they wanted to install their computer system.
It was at this point My boss and I decided that we could start our own company and build software, 3 years later and I left the company to work full time for this new company that we have build from the ground up.

I am so happy in what I am doing now.

When I started this page I thought, 3 maybe 4 lines will cover everything, and as it turns out there was quite a lot more to say.

Peter Taylor