Peter Taylor TX

Hello there and welcome,

This is a place of love for PC games of all shapes and download sizes especially indie games.


You may remember me from such locations as YouTube, Twitter, or Twitch. If not, don’t worry there’s plenty of time to check them out, go on, I’ll wait.

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For anyone who would like to (no obligation, it’s optional), I have a Patreon page where you can support me, by helping to cover the costs of hardware and software, that allow me to keep doing videos and livestream. Thank you all even if you don’t, you’re all awesome. I have great fun talking to you all.


In a dimly lit corner of an otherwise ordinary office sits a man with a super power, he is a Systems Administrator.

This was me before, but now … …

I’m a Software Developer (Business and Factory systems), so as you can imagine gaming is a great way to get away from the keyboard … … wait! … … What!?